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by Sebastian Borckenhagen and Tom McNally

This is the story of an elderly city-dweller. He was alive during the Second World War, he is morbidly overweight and he is not sure when he last left his apartment building. He is also a shark from outer space and he keeps a blog. He wants you to know what it's like to have so much perspective. He wants to let you in.



Book 1 - The Blog Of An Artist Who Lives Alone

Working hard for the community20 October 2006 - 3 January 2007

On the top floor of an apartment block in Mowbray, Cape Town, a lonely shark starts a blog and meets some special people. Will his sudden embrace of youth and community alienate his family, his landlord and his jerk grocery kid?


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Book 2 - Kids From The Internet

4 January 2006 - 18 February 2007Monopoly lays down the truth.

The shark is on his way to becoming fully socialised by having an angry young hiphopper sleep at his house for a few days and by throwing a party for all his new (young) friends. Can love be far behind?


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Book 3 - The Adventure!

The road is a game.19 February 2007 - 11 June 2007

David, the kid next door, is so close to being a shark in all but shape, but first he must pass the ultimate test: a full-on adventure across the country in the Shark's classic car. Is David ready for such a wild, spiritual experience? Would he freak out if they killed a cop? Or is the pizza delivery boy a better choice all round for hitting the road, eating egg from a loaf and hanging out with Leonard Cohen?

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Book 4 - What Does The Inside Of A Tear Look Like?

12 June 2007 - 7 June 2008

His moisture levels are rising, sir.How quickly can love cause a shark destroy everything he's built? He's not immune to love. No one is. Neither is Sarah, the girl who lives down the street and who has been romantically linked to some of the most important people in his life. The shark has a cool car and he's always available for lifts. You can win her, Sharky, if you try!


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Book 5 - Return To Carolyn's House

2 November 2008 - 24 June 2009

It's a trap.Maybe this time the shark has gone too far. It's a battle of wills between him and the landlord with his home and future hanging in the balance. There's also a matric dance to attend, a funeral to avoid, a car full of girls to drive to Plettenburg Bay and then a fiery climax to face wherein he must account for almost every one of his not-insignificant sins.


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Eulogy for The Ancient Shark Of Despair


Perhaps you'd like to hear some of the songs that various young, attractive people have made about The Ancient Shark Of Despair?

'The Ancient Shark Of Despair's Theme Tune' was composed and performed by Nicolai Roos, with vocals by Paul Maree, electric guitar by Adam Hill and wailing by Jolene Cartmill. The lyrics were written by Tom McNally and Sebastian Borckenhagen.

'Ancient, Ancient, Ancient' was written and performed by Gavin Haynes.

'Landlord' was written by the entity known as Pravda23, arranged by Nicolai Roos, with Nic on the acoustic and lead guitars, also on violin plucking, and Pravda23 on the rhythm guitar, violin and the singing. Tim Lester provided back-up vocals and the lyrics were written by Tom McNally and Sebastian Borckenhagen, at a party. It was recorded at Black River Studios by Nic.

There's also a charming demo version of Landlord here for you, with Paul Maree on the violin and Chris Truter on bass. It was recorded in Chris' lounge.


If you're wondering what all these fine musicians do when they are not crafting projects tangentially linked to The Ancient Shark Of Despair, please consult:

Nicolai and Adam's band is called THE SLEEPERS while Paul's band is called THE BEAMS
The artist heals the sick
a large chunk of the PRAVDA23 programming can be safely viewed at the link above Gavin Haynes is some sort of MEALY MOUTHED INKSLINGER

Would you catch me, love?

Comics about The Ancient Shark Of Despair by Sebastian Borckenhagen, Tom McNally, Jesse De Freitas and Roxy-Anne Kawitzky, including the full listing of the TASOD webcomics, his massive self-portrait project and the scant fanart that he received.