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Why, I'm glad you asked. Little Old Man is a publishing house that lives under the guiding hand and iron fist of Tom McNally, who is available for parties and events.

Braying softly in the Old Man's stable of wonders is Semiotic Cohesion, the nebulous anthology comic featuring the unavoidably brilliant talents of South African artists of the likes of Brice Reignier, Jesse Breytenbach, Colleen Brice, Ian Norris and Andrzej Nowicki. The comics themselves are available as downloads and you, the brave reader, is encouraged to share and enjoy these treats we provide.

Shark Of Wisdom will arrive every weekday to soothe the soul and cleanse your filthy, earthly body. It will only hurt for a second.

Every weekday, you shall receive a brand new panel of Cowboy Love Is Pure, a revelatory webcomic about the road, true love, giant centipedes and going on awful dates. Please enjoy it forever.

We have stories of the prose kind too. The Saga Of The European King is ongoing and highly exuberant, being a fantasy comedy concerning the purging of Winter, freezing, unpleasant, miserable Winter, from the lands of Medieval Europe by its true beloved King, while The Ancient Shark Of Despair's Blog sleeps peacefully in the corner, complete and vulnerable to your predatory gaze.

You might be wondering what all this whole shark motif is about. These wonderings can be put to rest by the simple creed that informs all of the fine things found on this site - we thought it would be funny.