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Semiotic Cohesion Comics

Shark Of Wisdom

The Ancient Shark Of Despair

Cowboy Love Is Pure

The Saga Of The European King

Mean Ol Ry


Tell us all the secrets.


Number One - Rise of the Great God Shark

Cover by Brice Reignier

Edited by Tom McNally

Reviewed for your pleasure by Darren Schroder at Comics Bulletin, by Graham Mogford at Smallzone and Stephen Drennan at Bypass.

Or just download it.


Creationism by Jesse BreytenbachCreationism Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by Jesse Breytenbach

A three-part knitting epic wherein a neighbouring couple's arguments are turned into hand-crafted wooly dolls.


Haiti by Andrzej Nowicki

Haiti by Andrzej Nowicki

A strange but beautiful tale of a malevolent scientist and his three arms of death.



The Adventures Of Mighty Moe by Sebastian BorckenhagenThe Adventures of Mighty Moe by Sebastian Borckenhagen

This was Sebastian's first ever comic, apparently the starting chapter of a giant semi-autobiographical and highly revealing epic starring Moe, his emotional and musican proxy. It's quite possible that all further Moeventures were folded into The Ancient Shark Of Despair's blog.


The Birthing Fields by Serkis & BentThe Birthing Fields by Morgan Serkis & Brice Reignier

A soldier on a future African battlefield stumbles across a nightmare made of poor and malnourished infants.


Executive Toy by Simon Tamblyn and Tom McNally

Executive Toy, drawn by Simon Tamblyn, written by Tom McNally

The many miracles of genetic engineering have produced the ultimate stress toys of the future.



The Inner Workings Of My Red Rabbit by Dom Sable

The Inner Workings Of My Red Rabbit by Dom Sable

A pharmacological love story imprinted on the scattered pages of long-lost dedications.



Soggy: A True Ninja Story by Tom McNallySoggy: A True Ninja Story by Tom McNally

Being a True Ninja means being good enough to repel all the enemies invading your house before your cereal goes soggy.



Scamps for the title design. We made our decision by picking out the one that did not look awful.

The original Semiotic Cohesion logo, featuring Sky-Byte, a warrior-bard who is also a transforming shark. This version was used for about ten minutes before Brice cleaned it up for general consumption.

Some sketches for the front cover by Brice.

The original draft of the Shark VS The Man back cover, drawn around a piece of maths homework. Hilarious!

An advertisement for the first issue that went into Shane Chebsey's Frontline magazine.